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About being different...
Health and happiness · 17. Januar 2022
An honest account of what it feels like being on the autistic spectrum...

Health and happiness · 31. März 2021
An honest account of how I'm doing in the middle of this pandemic.
Health and happiness · 12. Dezember 2020
2020 seems like a year to forget by and large, but there were some highlights. In the spirit of #adventofcaring, here are mine.
Health and happiness · 07. Oktober 2020
Quite often we're told to hide or mask our feelings. Here Nektaria tells us, why it's healthier to not do that.

Health and happiness · 22. Juli 2020
For the longest time I wasn't looking after myself. Here is how that changed.

Health and happiness · 01. Juli 2020
I've been feeling a bit off lately, like someone had pulled the plug and everything seemed too much. I suppose the Covid-19 restrictions and racism showing its ugly head more publicly again are part of it. Add the stress of a newborn baby along with caring for a whirlwind of a toddler and the frustration of applying for job after job and getting nothing but rejection letters and you have a general idea. So, I did what I always do when things get too much- I turned to books. And slowly, I...

Health and happiness · 23. März 2020
These are difficult times. Every time I switch on the tv or check my phone I see newsflashes and updated stats on the Covid-19 pandemic. I know I am very fortunate to be living in a country with a strong healthcare system and politicians, who (for once) seem to be willing to make decisions and give money to support everyone. Even having to stay at home doesn't bother me at all. I know it is to keep the more vulnerable people safe(r). I am 37 weeks pregnant anyways, so going out has been more or...

Health and happiness · 06. Februar 2020
Pets are an amazing way of having joy in your life. And having cats is a special adventure. Here is our cat lady's take on it.

Health and happiness · 17. September 2019
Nek's first novel picture by Amazon

Health and happiness · 03. August 2019
I fell short of my own expectations for this blog, so there will be a few changes.

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