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These are difficult times. Every time I switch on the tv or check my phone I see newsflashes and updated stats on the Covid-19 pandemic. I know I am very fortunate to be living in a country with a strong healthcare system and politicians, who (for once) seem to be willing to make decisions and give money to support everyone. 

Even having to stay at home doesn't bother me at all. I know it is to keep the more vulnerable people safe(r). I am 37 weeks pregnant anyways, so going out has been more or less cancelled. Having our curious, energetic and funny toddler with me most of yhe time means that resting up for childbirth has becomr difficult, but still- I am grateful that we get to be together. 

Still, giving birth during this crisis has me worried. And it might be silly things in the grander scheme, but what keeps me awake at night are questions like: will my husband be allowed in the delivery room? Will we need to stay in hospital for longer to make sure we didn't contract COVID-19? Will the midwife be able to visit us every day or at all? 

I suppose we'll find out. I hope you're all well and having your loved ones close. Here's the thought that keeps me going: this too shall pass. 

My big belly and me on the couch
My big belly and me on the couch

Pic by Daniela

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