Social justice and sustainability

An open letter to my two little girls with all the advice I collected in my nearly 40 years...
Today is International women's day! In order to celebrate, here are my personal heroines.
Social justice and sustainability · 03. Februar 2021
A short reflection and a new challenge to get me in the mindset for the coming year,
Social justice and sustainability · 30. November 2020
Christmas is nearing and usually we'd all be rushing from party to family gathering, squeeze in gift shopping and a visit to at least one christmas market and be completely wrecked come christmas. This year is going to be different, because this pandemic( which shall not be named) has put the brakes on it. In the spirit of christmas and togetherness, we have decided to host a #adventofcaring. There will be a little task for the days leading up to christmas that will help you slow down, have fun...

Social justice and sustainability · 30. Oktober 2020
By Daniela These last few weeks, if not months, have been hard. I know what it's like to struggle on a daily basis. My childhood was normal, I suppose, but there were a lit of things I didn't learn: social graces, how to express emotions and wishes, how to accept praise, how to communicate without apportioning blame and more. I was painfully shy and when I left for Ireland aged 19 I was completely unprepared. But I also saw it as a chance to get closer to becoming the kind of woman I wanted to...
Social justice and sustainability · 14. Oktober 2020
We are still a long way from achieving equality. Does it matter?

A sad date and we have so many reasons to want to save our home.

In light of recent events I need to do my part.

Today farmers and others are on strike in Germany to protest for better policies. On social media they are often ridiculed and that is not the way forward -here is why.

We made quite a few changes in order to become more sustainable. Some of them we loved and some we didn't. Here's a short list of the ones we're enjoying.

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