Earth Overshoot Day


By Daniela

Today is that day again...yes, it might be 24 days later than last year, but it is still way too early. We have used up all of the resources our planet can replenish in a year in less than eight months. From tomorrow on, we will push our home further into a tailspin. And all it would take is using less. Good for us, our wallet and our planet. 


It is also an emotional issue for me. I grew up in the countryside, spent my childhood roaming the fields and forests around the little village I lived in. I remember winters with lots of snow and warm, sunny summers. I want my children to have similar experiences, but I know they won't. When I look at the trees on my walks I can see that they are stressed, because they don't get enough water. The grass is dry before its time, meaning we get less and less hay to feed our animals each year.  And this year when we chose to water our vegetables less due to the water shortage, we harvested the tiniest pumpkins. It affects all of us and only a very small group of people will be able to buy themselves out of the hardship we will all face. So I have made it my mission to show you that LESS doesn't have to be bad. Less means less stress, less worry and less comparisons. It also means more time for loved ones, more individuality, more adventure and more nature. Who's with me?

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