how-to's and DIYs

Mending part 1
how-to's and DIYs · 07. März 2021
In the spirit of march mendness, I finished mending the first piece- my husbands white T-Shirt. It took all of five minutes

how-to's and DIYs · 05. März 2021
After a month of baking our own bread here is where we're at.
March mendness
how-to's and DIYs · 03. März 2021
I love sewing, as you might have guessed. But this month, I am taking a break from sewing in order to have time to mend.

All things bread
how-to's and DIYs · 10. Februar 2021
Our first attempt at Ciabatta- note the imprint of tiny little fingers as my baby was keen to help knead the dough.

Ideas for home-made presents
how-to's and DIYs · 15. Dezember 2020
Here are some ideas for home-made presents.

how-to's and DIYs · 26. Juli 2019
I've had to take a break from my challenge and I was disappointed.
how-to's and DIYs · 20. März 2019
A quick look at the past month with all ist highs and lows. Ein kurzer Überblick über den letzten Monat mit allen Höhen und Tiefen.

how-to's and DIYs · 01. März 2019
Auch Pflanzkataloge machen Spaß. Wir planen unsere Aussaat gerne möglichst früh.