Health and happiness · 31. März 2021
An honest account of how I'm doing in the middle of this pandemic.
Wardrobe overhaul
beauty and style · 20. März 2021
How I'm planning out my wardrobe for the coming year (and beyond).

beauty and style · 14. März 2021
I've put together a list of online options for shopping second-hand or swapping clothes.
Our favourite toast
recipes · 10. März 2021
This is our current favourite when it comes to quick and easy bread.

Today is International women's day! In order to celebrate, here are my personal heroines.
Mending part 1
how-to's and DIYs · 07. März 2021
In the spirit of march mendness, I finished mending the first piece- my husbands white T-Shirt. It took all of five minutes

how-to's and DIYs · 05. März 2021
After a month of baking our own bread here is where we're at.
March mendness
how-to's and DIYs · 03. März 2021
I love sewing, as you might have guessed. But this month, I am taking a break from sewing in order to have time to mend.

recipes · 22. Februar 2021
Diane has cooked up another delicious recipe for us,
Handmade treasures
beauty and style · 17. Februar 2021
A peek at some of my favourite hand-made clothes. Sewing, knitting and crochting has had a huge impact on my style.

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