January Gratitude

By Daniela


Many years ago, in fact that long ago I can't remember when exactly, keeping a gratitude journal was part of my routine. Every night I'd lay in bed, writing down at least three things I'd accomplished and three things I was grateful for.  Without fail it would alway put a smile on my face. I absolutely can't remember why I stopped.

But two years into this pandemic, I was looking for a small way to bring some joy and positive vibes back into my life, especially at this time of year, when going outside for a walk or pottering around the garden are out. And I remembered the small journal I used to keep (my older daughter has since nicked the little journal for her own purposes, but I got a new one ;) ). And I made an appointment in my calendar to take 30 minutes once a month to start with, to write down the things I am grateful for.  And to be accountable, I am also posting it here.


So, here is my list for January (in no particular order):

- my family (daughters and husband)

- getting on well with my in-laws

- talking to my younger sister again on a semi-regular basis, after more than five years of silence

- my supportive, non-judgemental friends 

- my health (in general terms)

- teaching at the local college ( Globalisation and sustainable development, in case you're wondering) and the students liking my seminars

- having a home-office job, so that I can spend time with my daughters too

- having a job, period

- my new sewing-machine ( I know own a serger and a regular sewing machine)

- being able to exercise regularly

- my favourite song on the radio this morning

- at least one evening a week curled up on the couch with a good book (once the kids are asleep)

- my first cup of coffee every morning

- snow days- we had three in January

- silly dancing with my kids 

- guilt-free early nights ( the time of FOMO has well and truly passed)

- our family Sunday strolls ( or rather hikes through the woods)

- this recipe :Coconut Sweet Potato Lentil Soup with Rice. - Half Baked Harvest

- Season 2 of the Witcher


Have a great day and week and February. We made it through the first and toughest month of the year!

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