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Our first attempt at Ciabatta- note the imprint of tiny little fingers as my baby was keen to help knead the dough.

Text and Foto by Daniela


Well, it's only been a week into the new challenge, but I'm liking it so far. We still have a few remnants of store-bought breads, but in the last week I started with making our own toast (very simple and tasty- we ate the whole loaf!) and went on to try a recipe I've earmarked for ages: Ciabatta. You can see a picture of the Ciabatta-dough above. Both turned out great and tasted a million times better than anything I've bought at the shops. I might need some more practice with shaping the loaves, as the ciabatta looked a bit odd, but recipe-wise I think we're on to winners. 


My next goal is to make sourdough in the traditional way. It sounds very easy, so I'll keep you posted. In case you're interested, find the instructions below:



150g of rye flour


1. Mix 50g of rye flour with 150ml of water and leave this mixture somewhere warm (NOT on a radiator) for 24 hours.

2. Mix the original dough with another 50g of rye flour and 150ml of water and leave to rest for another 24 hours

3. Mix in another 50g of rye flour and 150ml of water and leave to stand for another 24 hours.  

4. You should have sourdough now.


Let me know how you get on and follow me on instagram to follow my bread pursuits.

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