Bread update

By Daniela


A month ago I challenged myself to bake all the bread my family needs for the next year. While there has been more than one morning, when my husband asked me why there was no bread in the house, he also commented that the bread we've been eating has tasted a lot better lately. So, I would say, it has been a success up until now. I have to be more organized in the sense that I don't have store-bought toast to serve to my kids on monday mornings anymore (we always run late on mondays no matter when we get up, so porridge is sometimes a bit much) and unless I baked and froze bread over the weekend we have to eat cold porridge. That has happened once in the last month and it has given me the kick in the butt I needed. I now remember to bake two loaves of bread every Saturday and freeze one for mondays.  Baking our bread has also turned into a fun thing to do with my oldest, who loves kneading dough. 


We tend to eat two loaves of toast and at least one batch of scones/ biscuits/ bread rolls.  That means I bake twice a week and on top of that we also bake our cookies (at least once a week- my daughters have never eaten store-bought cookies) and our Sunday night pizza. It sounds like a lot of baking, but at the moment we still enjoy it. Especially because the results are delicious.

I will post our family favourite toast recipe in the coming days, so stay tuned.

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