A new challenge

By Daniela


You might remember my post from last year about how I try to not make resolutions but rather focus on goals. This has worked wonderfully for me in the past, but this year- maybe due to the ongoing pandemic- it left me feeling a bit unfocused. I chose a word for the year, which is supposed to get me out of this fog and relight my mojo- JOY in case you're wondering- but I keep falling back into the pit of procrastination. 


I was at a bit of a loss, but then my husband noted that I work best when I have tight deadlines and lots of pressure. So, I think it is time for another year-long challenge, similar to my only shopping second-hand from 2019. And here it is:

As a family we love food. And especially bread and bread-type things. So for the next year I will bake every bread-type of thing that I and my family need. No more trips to the bakeries for bread- or forgetting to get fresh bread more likely. We make our own flour already and my husband has built a small bread-oven that fits 3-4 loaves, we haven't bought burger buns in months (I bake them instead) or bought any pre-made pizzas, so it makes sense to widen that and include all kinds of breads. I bake pretty much all of our cookies and cakes anyways, so now it'll be breads too. 


I'll share some of our family favourites as the year progresses and-of course- my failures too. First stop: make sourdough! And try not to kill it this time.

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