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Advent wreath by Daniela
Advent wreath by Daniela

Christmas is nearing and usually we'd all be rushing from party to family gathering, squeeze in gift shopping and a visit to at least one christmas market and be completely wrecked come christmas. This year is going to be different, because this pandemic( which shall not be named) has put the brakes on it. 

In the spirit of christmas and togetherness, we have decided to host a #adventofcaring. There will be a little task for the days leading up to christmas that will help you slow down, have fun and maybe remember what christmas is supposed to be about. 

Here are the first six days, starting on December 1, of our #adventofcaring:

1st: DIY decorations

2nd: find something to re-gift

3rd: support a small and/or local business

4th: watch a feel-good movie

5th: cook a (new to you) meal from scratch

6th: bake dough-men and give one to a neighbour

Please join us on instagram or facebook. If you post a picture with the #adventofcaring, you might end up on this very blog. Sending love and positivity your way, Daniela

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