Small changes we wish we'd made sooner

In the bathroom

1. Switch to micro-plastic free shower gel and shampoo

This was probably the easiest switch to make, because once we knew about the issues and did some research we changed to solid soaps and shampoos and haven't looked back since.


2. Use natural deodorant

This took a little while, because some of the deodorants we tried didn't work that well. Especially during the hot summers we've had, we didn't want to smell sweaty. But we tested a few brands (I did mostly and then convinced my husband) and we've found two we like and have used since.

In the wardrobe

3. Take care of your clothes

I've started fixing small holes in jumpers and shirts again, as well as sewing missing buttons back on and shortening torn sleeves. It's not the most creative thing, but it makes a huge difference in the amount of clothes that might otherwise have gone into the bin.


4. Make your own clothes

(Bet you saw that coming) In addition to fixing our clothes I've started making my own clothes. Now, I'm not very talented, but I gave it a shot and to date have knitted myself a jumper and sewn two T-Shirts. It has made me appreciate the work people put into making our clothes even more. And it has sharpened my eye for the construction of the clothes I buy.

In the kitchen

5. Reduce the amount of meat you eat

This was a hard one at first. My husband and I love meat and since we run an organic farm, we have access to high-quality meat. But we realized it is healthier to have some meat-free days a week. Also, we wanted to set a good example for our little one. And with a really good Veggie-Lasagne we don't even miss the meat anymore.


6. Buy local and organic

I was nervous at first, because organic food is more expensive. But then I read the book "Arm aber Bio" (poor but organic) and was convinced that it could be done. We buy mostly organic food, especially everything the baby eats, and opt for fair-trade whenever we can. Because we've also reduced the amount of meat, our grocery spending hasn't really gone up at all.

In general

7. Prioritize

Being more mindful and sustainable is a long journey. And lots of people will try to tell you what you should do first. It will seem overwhelming, especially when (like me) you follow social media and see all these wonderful people living a perfectly curated, sustainable, environmentally-friendly life. We tried doing too much at once and I got mostly frustrated. So we talked it out and made a list of priorities, i.e. things we can all three get behind, and started there. We have a long way to go yet, but we've started.


8. Remember what used to be good

Nowadays we're surrounded by electronics all day. Remember when you were younger and you spent most of your time with your friends or maybe a good book instead of the telly or netflix? We have opted to put our mobile phones in a designated spot when we get home, so that we don't check them all the time. Some nights our TV stays off and we talk about our day or read a good book. And it's been great!