My life with three cats

by Nektaria (aren't those cats the cutest?)

by Nektaria


Most of people think of cats as a the most egocentric animal on planet Earth. Well, okay, perhaps they are right but not so much… I guess you need to know how to read these amazing creatures that have unique personalities. 

Having one cat is a bit of a challenge. Having three, is like taking part in the show “Game without frontiers” and trust me the challenges and the obstacles are way too many. Just think of living in a house with three toddlers. Each one has their own personality, each one demands attention and of course, you need to give it to them otherwise the payback will be enormous and painful. Yes, cats are like two-year-olds, they are curious of the world, they play by their own rules and they certainly know how to defy you. 

It is true what they say, if you really want to know whether you’ll become a good parent or not, raise a kitten in your home. The stages vary but each one has its own charm. Cause it’s pretty cute watching a little fur-ball running around, trying to catch its tail and cuddle besides you when it wants to sleep. But what happens when the curiousness stage begins? Well, you won’t be able to keep the kitten from entering the cabinets, or grabbing whatever it sees, or from climbing every single furniture. You won’t be able to make it stop mewing uncontrollably. It will try to escape when you’re not watching, not to mention the vomiting. Yes, be prepared for that cause there will be so much vomiting, on the rugs, on the sofas, on your bed, on your shoes… everywhere. Scary huh? If you cannot stand all this, then maybe you should consider twice about becoming a parent, cause raising kittens is exactly the same thing as raising children. The love is strong, the worry is stronger, you take them to the doctor when they’ re not feeling well. You talk to them as you try to figure out what’s wrong with them and what they want. You cry cause they manage to get to your nerves. 

But in the end, trust me, it’s all worth it. My cats love me. They show it to me. One of them hardly approaches me but when she decides to come lie near me, it’s bliss, especially when she sleeps close by making sure she touches me a little The other one scratches the door at 5 in the morning, demanding for food, but when he presses his head against my hand or when he licks my arm and face, I feel truly love. The third one mews and it sounds like “mom”. When I call her she rushes into my arms and I can see she feels happy that I hold her. They sit beside me when I’m sick, they can feel when I’m depressed and more than once, Gaius has made me laugh when I wanted to cry. They look like little angels with vampire teeth when they sleep and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see. Belly kisses are the most amazing thing cause it means they trust you, that’s why they’re allowing you to kiss their bellies. They paws have beans! The cutest little beans you’ll ever see. They adore each other, they are family, they clean eachother’s fur and when one is unhappy, they other rushes to comfort it. 

Sure my house it a total mess and yes I do spend so much time cleaning. Yes, Manu brought down an entire shelf the other day and Stalitsa sneezes all the time while Gaius is becoming a total jerk at 4 or 5 in the morning but my goodness, I wouldn’t trade my cats’ love for anything in the world cause once you’re love but these creatures that are not trusting and that love being the center of attention, then it feels as if you are loved by the whole world. 

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    Stacey (Samstag, 08 Februar 2020 13:11)

    100% THIS!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤���