Expectations and changes

I've always wanted to use this blog as a means to inform and inspire people to adapt a more sustainable path themselves. But I've constantly found myself falling short of my own expectations. As I'm writing this, I've counted ten unfinished articles and the backlog just keeps growing. I'd been told that trying to run this blog bi-lingual while trying to juggle my usual life would be a tough job, but I was convinced I could do it. Well, I suppose I was wrong. And constantly feeling guilty about what I should be doing but amn't at the moment is not what this blog is about. So, I decided to re-visit another idea I'd had originally. I reached out to a few friends, whose grace, kindness, curiousity and creativity I've always admired and asked them if they'd like to help me turn this into a blogazine about living a self-paced life. About determining what a "good" life means to you and living that life. A life that is not driven by consumerism and workworkwork, but my family and friends, creative endeavours, finding beauty in the everday and facing the world with an open mind and heart.

I'm happy to say that (at this moment) one dear friend has already agreed. I couldn't be happier and more excited about the future direction of this little piece of the internet.

On that note, the posts going forward will be in English only, because my friends are from other European countries and this makes it a lot easier for us. So, I hope you'll keep reading and find lots of interesting content.