My happy moments of 2020

By Daniela


Well, most of us have been wishing for 2020 to be over already, right? I sure have for the most part. But having a think about the good parts made me realize that while 2020 has not been the best year ever, it wasn't all bad. Here are some fond memories (in no particular order):


- having baby no. 2 and she is healthy and happy despite circumstances

- a short break at the North Sea as a family of four

- our new car

- our 'big' girl starting kindergarden (I'm so proud of her)

- being able to grow our own food and especially our potato harvest with its annual picknick

- this blog and Diane and Nektaria supporting me

- my friends and knowing that they are well (at present)

- the first snow

- walks in nature with my little family

- (re-)discovering sewing 

- my husband and all the little things he does every day