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beauty and style · 14. März 2021
I've put together a list of online options for shopping second-hand or swapping clothes.
Handmade treasures
beauty and style · 17. Februar 2021
A peek at some of my favourite hand-made clothes. Sewing, knitting and crochting has had a huge impact on my style.

My winter style
beauty and style · 20. Januar 2021
A look at my winter staples as well as my winter wishlist. You might also get a sneak peek at my first VC buys.

beauty and style · 28. Oktober 2020
I identified a few basics I can't seem to do without this autumn. Also I created my stylish top 100.

beauty and style · 25. August 2020
Following the shopping pause I've been trying to identify my style.

beauty and style · 16. Juli 2020
As a teen (surprisingly) clothes were just something I put on to cover myself. And then I moved to another country and a big city and found some self-confidence and started wearing whatever I wanted. I'm sure there were quite a few faux-pas, but as a 20-something I didn't care. Peu a peu I discovered what I thought of as my personal style and it served me well up until a few years ago. Because back then my life changed completely. I moved back to Germany and the small town I'm from in the hopes...

Health and happiness · 01. Juli 2020
I've been feeling a bit off lately, like someone had pulled the plug and everything seemed too much. I suppose the Covid-19 restrictions and racism showing its ugly head more publicly again are part of it. Add the stress of a newborn baby along with caring for a whirlwind of a toddler and the frustration of applying for job after job and getting nothing but rejection letters and you have a general idea. So, I did what I always do when things get too much- I turned to books. And slowly, I...

beauty and style · 25. März 2020
It's been a year (and a few days) since I've set myself the challenge to only shop for clothes second-hand. I had to make an exception once for family reasons, but apart from that it went well- I think. Here's what I've learned: 1. Identifying your style first helps I'd spent QUITE some time beforehand thinking about the clothes I wanted in my wardrobe. There are so many beautiful second-hand clothes out there, that I was tempted to buy pretty much all of them. But I knew that all the beautiful...