Travelling virtually

By Nektaria


I admit that traveling for me has always been the biggest dream. The best job would be the one that I could travel around the world. The best gift I could be given would be a vacation to a beautiful destination. Last year, around March, I was supposed to travel to Rome which would be my first vacation in eight-yes, you read right- years. Then of course Coronavirus paid a visit and we got locked in, unable to travel, so like most people, I had to cancel my vacation and I am still waiting for the pandemic to be under control to get on a plane and visit a new place. 
But what can I do until that magical time comes? Truth be told, there is not much anyone of us can do other than wait patiently, but fortunately, there is a cool way to travel virtually to two of the most amazing places in the world. How? It's easy, especially for those that have a Facebook account (if you don't, you might want to create one after reading this!). 
On January 22nd the Delta College Planetarium is inviting us on a LIVE visual presentation of the coolest phenomenon you will ever see, the Aurora Borealis. Who doesn't want to see the magical green lights dancing in the sky?  It's free so you only need internet and a FB account. Just follow the link and have a wonderful time watching this magical phenomenon from the comfort of your couch. https://fb.me/e/Gs7yMDhs
If you are a lover of architecture and big beautiful cities then you might like to join the virtual tour of Gaudi's Barcelona, also held on FB on January 31st. One of Spain's finest tour directors, Manuel, shares with us his love for Barcelona and the art and culture of the city. Like the previous presentation, everything is free and all you need is, an internet connection and this link: https://fb.me/e/Gs7yMDhs
If you are a fan of museums, here is a list of them that offer virtual tours: https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours
And there are more sites online to explore like https://www.cyark.org/explore/
Chose one and enjoy the world through your screen, before we can go out and live it again like we used to! 

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