Happy new year and small blessings

By Daniela


Hello and welcome back in this new year 2021. I'm wishing you a year of laughter, joy, love and success, filled with family and friends. My year started the same way the old one had ended- with a sick baby and multiple trips to A&E. The little nugget is fine now, apparently it was a fever typical for babies of that age. Still, it meant a week of sleepless nights for my husband and myself and days filled with trying to comfort the little one. After our third trip to the hospital I was beat. I hadn't slept more than an hour at a time and maybe 4 hours total a night for a week and spent most of the nights carrying the crying baby through the house. During the days I was more or less on autopilot and our kindergardener was getting cabin-fever and becoming unruly. I felt like I couldn't take another minute of it and close to tears, when my husband took over carrying the baby and asked me to comfort our oldest. I knew he was just as tired and his legs hurt just as much, but a break is a break. So I cuddled up to the kindergardener on our big bed and as she was falling asleep in my arms, her curly hair tickling my face I couldn't think of a place I'd rather have been. Realizing this and savouring this short moment and the ones since has given me so much energy and focus. We will need it for this coming year of challenges. I hope you will find these little moments too, be it while reading a good book, a walk in the woods, a chat with a friend or a hug from a loved one.