My style pt. 2

By Daniela


Now that I know what kind of clothes I like and having moved through colour palettes and outfit formulas with more or less success, I have decided to move on to lists. I will create them for each season, because I'll only know what is missing going forward when I've changed my wardrobe ( I pack away all the clothes I don't need for the current season to streamline my wardrobe). Also, I'll take note of (supposed) gaps in last season's clothes to help me make lists for the following year. So far, so nerdy. Are you ready for my autumn list?


-checked flannel shirt

- Vivienne Westwood pirate boots (more of a wish, but might get lucky second-hand)

- chic long cardigan with sleeve detail (in teal or royal blue)

- grey chunky-knit sweater

- dusky pink or navy, slim-fit, wool trousers 

- classic white button down



- opaque black tights

- a hat! (Trilby or Fedora, but not 100% sure)

- a black leather belt


The cardigan I will sew myself, I've found a great pattern. Now I just have to find the perfect fabric. And all the other pieces I will buy second-hand; except the tights. I don't think I'll be able to find all of them this autumn, but that's the beauty of a thorough analysis: I'll still want them next year (or, as is the case with the boots, have been wanting them for years).

What's on your shopping list?

All the above pictures were found online, on ecosia.org. Shown are Emily Blunt, Jessica Alba, Sophia Bush and an unknown fashion blogger. I like their outfits and used them as inspiration, but the pictures are not mine.

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