Mascarpone Muffins

By Diane


Does it happen to you, that you open your fridge and find something  expiring today or tomorrow, or even worse yesterday? Or your partner did the grocery shopping and bought an ingredient that you do not use or have a recipe for?  And maybe you are running out of ideas and you don’t know what to make out of it? Or the recipe you had in mind could take hours and to be honest you do not want to spend that time in the kitchen that day? Well, this is something that happens too often. In this specific time of my life, I am back living with my sister, plus we do have different tastes when it comes to food. She is good as well, on her food preference, she can make an amazing fresh homemade pasta in just a few hours. She is the kind of person who plans, follows the recipe, and if she does not have time to think she will go for a classic meal, pasta with tomato sauce. I am the one who picks and mixes, who goes for google to look for a recipe or will reproduce a recipe of a meal I had tried in a restaurant or at a friend’s house. Or I have seen on a blog.

Well, this evening I opened the fridge, I found a mascarpone cheese that expired the day before and opening the box it was still good. It had not turned bad. I grabbed my phone and went on google, I had a recipe in mind, but I first wanted to check if someone had already had that idea and wrote a recipe. Surprisingly yes, muffin with mascarpone, you have a ton of suggestions, however I found one that was quite simple and easy to make in a few minutes.

The ingredients:

-         4 eggs

-         320 gr of all-purpose flour

-         125 gr of mascarpone

-         120 gr of sugar, but I went for 6 spoons instead.

-         10gr of yeast

-         100 gr of dark chocolate (which I did not have, so I did not use it)

-         1 lemon (my additional ingredient)

The recipe says to mix before the eggs and the sugar, that was their start, for the rest I went my way. After I had the eggs and sugar mixed, I mixed aside the flour and yeast, I find doing this you are sure the yeast is well mixed in the whole dough. Then I added the mascarpone into the eggs/sugar mixture and flour at last and some lemons juice to give them a fresh and summery taste. Once my dough was ready, I picked the muffin form, and with a spoon filled them. I got about 16 delicious muffins.

Cooking does not stop behind a recipe or ingredient. Once you learned and know how to put together ingredients, you can make amazing food. I always say, it depends on how I feel when cooking, a whole recipe can change into a new one, I add and remove according to what I have in the cupboard. I love cakes and cookies, but I do not like it when they have a lot of sugar. Then, no surprise I will always reduce the quantity and whatever I tried that, the result was always good.


How do you manage your cupboard? Are you creative, lets share some ideas.

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