10 reasons to love winter


  1. It’s not hot!

I mean seriously, who can actually stand the summer heat with this global warming menace hanging over our heads? Not me. Winter is beautiful because when you are cold, you put on your warmest clothes and everything feels so much better! Plus, nothing can match the feeling of getting inside a warm house after spending time in the cold.

  1. Snow!

Well, not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy some snow, but there are some areas that get to see white days. And yes, when you live with snow every single winter, it might get a bit uncomfortable and irritating but, just think of us that we don’t get to enjoy it, and forgive our excitement!

  1. The sound of rain!

Yes, you can get rain during the summer but let’s face it, it’s not as fascinating as the winter rain that smells so freaking amazing! There’s nothing more beautiful than to be inside, having a hot cup of tea and watch the rain falling on the windows.

  1. Warm socks and onesies!

Yes, I am a freak when it comes to fluffy warm socks and ridiculous unicorn onesies that I cannot enjoy during the summer time. I could have a drawer full of fluffy socks and warm slippers. Just imagine being fabulous as a unicorn, and enjoying your favorite TV program by the fireplace, or the heater, with a bowl of buttery pop corn.

  1. Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Need to say more? Yes, you can drink hot chocolate during warmer seasons BUT it is not as enjoyable as it is when the days are cold. Especially during everyone’s favorite season… you know the one…


Come on. You love it. You know you love it! Christmas is magical, and it doesn’t matter if you are religious, we all celebrate the magic and warmth of Christmas time. The trimming of the tree, the baking of the cookies, the joyful tunes and that hopeful feeling that the season offers. Plus… Christmas movies… hello! Have you witnessed anything more cheesy and beautiful than Christmas movies? Just put Hallmark on, trust me… do it!

  1. Valentine’s day!

Romance, hearts, chocolate and love. Winter brings the second most beautiful celebration of love (cause Christmas will always be number 1 and I will fight you if you claim the opposite). Most say that Valentine’s day is a commercial thing (well, I say it, too) BUT we have to accept the fact that for lovers around the globe, it’s a day that matters…

  1. Welcoming the New Year with New Year’s resolutions!

We have all done it. We all have a list that we make every single time with things we want to do during the new year. Sure, most of the things remain unchecked but isn’t it wonderful when you write down your hopes and wishes? It is. Let’s promise that next time, we’ll cross out everything on the list, huh?

  1. Winter sunrise

If you haven’t watched it, then you’re missing on something truly beautiful. The perk of winter is that the sun comes out later than usual so you can actually enjoy it. And honestly, seeing the sun coming up as the day starts is something that fills you up with hope.

  1. Winter in general!

Winter makes you appreciate the other seasons, more. You read right. It does. Just think of it as the closing of a circle and at the same time, the opening of a new one. You can have a fresh start during the winter. It deserves your love. So love it!


Text and Photo By Nektaria

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